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HuggMe Blankets from Pillow Talk

$ 30.00 $ 59.95

One really awesome feature of the special HuggMe Blankets: there are pockets along the edges, allowing you to tuck your hands in and wrap our blankets around you. If you're tired of slouchy blankets, cold hands and feet or boring graphics - a HuggMe Blanket is the solution.

Snuggly, soft, and stylish - everyone will envy your HuggMe Blanket. So why not buy one for you and your friend.

Huggme size is 64” x 48”

The Huggme has patent pending snuggle-pockets to hug you tight. Our beautiful prints are original pieces from an array of emerging artists. We use a unique blend of BPA-free microfiber made 100% from recycled plastics and line it with a Sherpa that’s as downy soft as a unicorn’s mane. The Huggme is oh-so-soft and gentle on you and the environment.


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