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  • Blue Bonnet: The scent of the Texas bluebonnet flower reminiscent of a gardenia bloom.
  • Blush Peony: A clean white floral--lush peony notes underscored with hints of green fields, wild flowers, rose petals and lilac--very romantic and powdery.
  • Cactus Flower: Desert-blooming wildflower with a heady, floral note. Light and natural.
  • Frangipani: The Hawaiian floral – a lush sweet tropical flower. This is a strong clean floral that is unique and loved by many.
  • Freesia: “Freesia” your mind with this clean, delicately crisp, fresh and floral (but not too “flowery”) fragrance. Simply lovely.
  • Gardenia: A scent that has stood the test of time. Classic in its complex floral of jasmine, striking green notes, hints of tropical coconut, fruity peach, spices and light herbs with luxurious, velvety musk. Great added to rain.
  • Heather: Imagine you are in the Scottish moors standing in a field of this delicate flower as the mist rises. You catch the fresh, green notes and find them relaxing and fragrant.
  • Hibiscus Passion: Passionately tropical! Vibrant green top notes lift fresh tropical, fruity-floral notes of lily, jasmine, ylang ylang and apple-rose, highlighted with dancing herbal notes, hints of spice and rainforest notes… yielding to a sweet, warm musk.
  • Honeysuckle: Okay, it smells just like that fresh honeysuckle growing wild on the neighbor’s backyard fence when you were a kid. It is truly outdoorsy and sweet.
  • Jasmine: Just like the Disney princess, this romantic, heady jasmine oil is interlaced with sweet, warm, spicy notes, hints of green and exotic florals with a soft amber accord. It always lives “happily ever after.”
  • Lavender (essential): This is the real deal! Lavender Essential Oil has the ability to aid in relaxation, which in turn reduces stress. This is a MUST if you are creating a blend to be used for a calming long soak or a bedtime shower.
  • Lavender Fantasy: Lavender Fantasy is for those of you who prefer the lavender scent commonly found in mass marketed products over the botanical aroma of lavender essential oil that some find medicinal. It is the softer side of lavender!
  • Lilac: The intense spring scent in a bottle – as though a soft breeze stirred the entire lilac bush.
  • Muguet (Lily of the Valley): A delicate, white-green floral of spring is embodied in this soft and sheer scent.
  • Olive Blossom:  Although it is a flower, the scent is not overly floral and instead is more earthy and sophisticated.
  • Orchid: Delicate and sweet all at once! A heady, intoxicating fragrance like no other, and very exotic.
  • Pikaki: Soft spices blended with white florals. Tropical and fresh.
  • Plumeria: Scrumptious! A delectable blend of fruits and florals. Catch the aroma of apples, peaches and summer berries mingled with lovely floral notes of jasmine and muguet.
  • Rose: Imagine your aunt’s rose garden – lush, redolent, and full of the classic scent of tea rose.
  • Sweet Magnolia: Our sweet magnolia is alluring and complex. Much like the southern belles who wear the scent, it is heady and sweet with an underlying tartness. Bless your heart! Pull up a seat here on the porch and set a spell! This beautiful scent has got you captivated.
  • Sweet Pea: Don’t let its name fool ya! This classic and simple floral scent is actually a complex blend of ripe melons, green notes, jasmine, rose and fresh sliced apple with a touch of musk.
  • Violet: Passionate purple violets and exotic jasmine are embraced by hints of melon notes and a whisper of warm sandalwood.
  • Water Flower: A pleasant mixture of orange blossoms, and watery, white-florals. A bit of a bitter neroli heart gives it interest and complexity. Dive in and pick it!
  • Waterlily: Aquatic white flower notes--fresh and breezy.

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