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Bath Kit - At Home Mixing Experience!

$ 45.00

Since you can't come into Bath Junkie, we've put together this fun kit you can use at home.  You will receive lots of our ingredients to create your own special at-home bath experience!  You'll receive:

  • Unscented Bath Salts, Foaming Bath Salts, Soaking Soda Fizzy Powder, Bath Oil and Bubble Bath
  • Your choice of one Fragrance Oil blend (selecting up to three fragrances above will result in all three oils blended into one bottle)
  • Your choice of one Color
  • Sprinkles & Sparkles
  • Three sets of Plastic Gloves

We will include basic instructions, but you can get creative in the way you mix the products.

These kits are only available for a limited time.


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