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Lavender Pet Calming Pad by Sonoma Lavender

$ 48.00

Treat your best friend to calming relaxation! Sonoma Lavender's calm+comfort pet calming mats are recommended by veterinarians to calm your pet. A university study has shown that lavender helps to calm dogs.

These mats are filled with the highest quality lavender and flaxseed. The mat promotes relaxation and alleviates aching joints with moist heat. They can be used as they are utilizing your pet's heat to release the soothing fragrance. They can be warmed in a microwave or tumble dryer. Or, they may be chilled.

Easily removable covers can be washed. Color is a gray/taupe color with paw prints; not the purple color shown in the photo with the puppy.

Size Medium 18" x 26"


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