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  • Acai Berry: A bevy of sweet, succulent Acai Berries that smell straight from the Amazon. Top notes of raspberry, strawberry, pear and sweet pineapple.
  • Avocado Cucumber: A delicious fragrance that captures the eccentric aroma of fresh avocados and combines the fresh cool scent of cucumbers.
  • Banana: It begins with fresh-picked blackberries and scrumptious mulberries subtly blending with tart orange zests. These notes combine with hints of nutmeg and rose petals. Notes of fresh green sage leaves, red clover, and vanilla are discovered at the end.
  • Blackberry Sage: Juicy blackberries blended with aromatic sage tea for a soothing aroma with a touch of fruitiness.
  • Blueberry: A straight-forward, single-note, fresh blueberry scent!
  • Cantaloupe: An uplifting fruity aroma of fresh ripened cantaloupe slices, with base notes of fresh greenery.YUM!
  • Cherry: A sweeter, lighter version of cherry, more reminiscent of candy.
  • Coconut: This buttery, creamy base is studded with cookie and nutty, tropical coconut notes. It is then lifted with a slight hint of liqueur (cheers!) and dappled with bits of warm spices. It’s wonderfully, delicious!
  • Cranberry: The tart spiciness of cranberries, just like in Grandma’s kitchen at the holidays.
  • Fig: Truly magnificent and unique. A Greek classic. Deep, luscious and sweet; the ancient fig imparts green notes blended with warm fruit and light florals. Awesome blended with rain and vanillas. This scent is a true head-turner.
  • Fresh Papaya: Ya Mon! Our fresh papaya is absolutely boonoonoos (wonderful)! One whiff and you are instantly transported to that tropical dream get-a-way you are due. It blends wonderfully with all the tropical notes in our library.
  • Grape: Robust, plump concord grapes blended with sun-ripened berries.
  • Green Apple: It’s crisp, green and tart top notes are harvested in a fresh, ripe, and fruity-floral with a surprising surround of rose, jasmine, and peach with a soft musk undertone. It’s truly delish!
  • Honeydew: This pale green melon has a fresh, breezy sweetness.
  • In a Pear Tree: Top notes of pear and a hint of raspberry are blended with mid notes of vanilla, cinnamon and clove, on a base of redwood, cedarwood, sandalwood, and light musk to create this unique aroma.
  • Juicy Pomegranate: This exotic fruit smells fresh and enticing with a hint of floral.
  • Mango: Our popular, yummy-licious mango is a genuine dichotomy of scents. Sweet and green contrast in a ripe, fruity-tropical citrus blend. Add it to your blend and you might do the “mango tango!”
  • Melon Ball: What says summer better than melons? A nice blend of sweet, juicy melons that will remind you of the freshest fruit salad.
  • Peach: Juicy, warm ripe peaches. So realistic, you’ll be able to feel the peach fuzz.
  • Pear: Whatapear! This light, clean, crisp scent is fruity, juicy and very refreshing! Great worn alone or blended with your favorites.
  • Persimmon: A modern classic. This unique blend of fresh orange, flowery rose and gardenia has lingering green, herbal notes with a musky vanilla undertone. An often forgotten fruit is making a comeback in a big way!
  • Pineapple: The sweet, robust aroma of fresh cut pineapple. Juicy; not the canned stuff.
  • Pumpkin: Hang on tight! This robust, smooth and creamy spice of pumpkin conjures memories of hay rides through a ready-to-pick pumpkin patch
  • Raspberry: You’re carrying a wicker basket filled with sweet, ripe raspberries. As the air fills with the essences of bright green notes and warm honey florals, you realize you are simply enjoying our raspberry fragrance oil.
  • Red Apple: It has hot and spicy top notes of cinnamon and cloves rounding down to the mellow scent of red apples.
  • Snowberry: This sweet, woodsy, holiday floral has just enough icy edge to conjure up images of frosty mountaintops dotted with winter bushes, heavily laden with ripe red berries.
  • Strawberry: It smells just like a real, fresh strawberry! Exactly like what you’d expect. No artificial strawberry smell here, no sir! You can even smell the little green leaves on the top.
  • Strawberry Soda Pop: So sweet and fizzy, you'll want to pour it over ice and enjoy!
  • Sugar Plum: A fresh sweetened plum sprinkled with orange zest, cloudberry, vanilla and sugared musk.
  • Sweet Yellow Pear: Velvety fruity pear with light floral undertone dances with green notes, crisp green apple, ripe peach and rounded with soft musk. Wonderful!
  • Watermelon: It’s true…summertime is embodied in our watermelon! It smells so much like a fresh cut slice of watermelon you can smell the rind and you may just start spitting seeds!

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