Clean Freak All-Purpose Cleaner - New 32 oz Size!

Keepin’ it clean & green, bath junkie style! bath junkie’s clean freak is the world’s first custom scented environmentally considerate, all purpose cleanser. It cleans glass, tile, chrome, shower stalls, bath tubs and countertops (even granite!) Use it in the bathrooms, kitchens, dining areas, everywhere! clean freak creates an acrylic shield that disinfects and stops the growth of bacteria and fungi. It is non-streaking on glass and an anti-“fogger” on mirrors, shower stalls and windows. It enhances the glass of tile and metallic surfaces. It is the ultimate overachiever! Leaves your home clean and smelling the way YOU want it to. We are making your home a cleaner, better smelling place one spray at a time!